Secure My Church NOW
Secure My Church NOW


When evil comes knocking, there must be a few good men and women committed to confronting it head-on. These warriors need every tactical advantage they can get and we provide it! Active Shooter training, Use of Force Training and so much more!

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COURSE PREREQUISITES : The Framework Series | Basic Training Series.

Module 1 De-Escalation
Unit 1 De-Escalation - Part 1
Unit 2 De-Escalation - Part 2
Module 2 Use of Force
Unit 1 Use Of Force - Part 1
Unit 2 Use Of Force - Part 2
Module 3 Active Shooter
Unit 1 Active Shooter - Part 1
Unit 2 Active Shooter - Part 2
Unit 3 Active Shooter - Part 3


This book is right on, biblical speaking; excellent spiritual application; I'll want to take this and teach it in a small group at our church hoping to get more involved in the ministry of providing a safe environment for our church; I want to thank you for the work and faithfulness you have put into this vital ministry that is needed in the times we are in.

Very well written and a good guide, especially for a small church that is looking to start a security ministry.

Very thorough. I have participated in the implementation of this program in my own church and can attest that it will work in any size church. The principles and techniques they teach are an effective deterrence to crimes against churches regardless of size.


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