A Security Ministry Model That Never Interferes with the Cause of Christ

Hedge Protection Ministries was developed for the sole mission of assisting churches with development, implementation, and maintenance of healthy security ministries. Having been tasked with developing a security ministry in our own church, we very quickly realized there was a very limited amount of information available to churches seeking to increase the level of protection being provided to their members during their services. We have developed a step by step program that will educate, encourage and assist you through what some might consider a very daunting task. With our assistance… that task becomes a lot less daunting.



  1. Provides Security without interfering with the Cause of Christ
  2. Engages your members in the defense of your congregation.
  3. Promotes “worry free” worship.
  4. Provides protection to members and their children during worship.
  5. Engages members in ministry who might otherwise never serve.

Security Tip Sheet | PDF


  • Easy-to-follow template for implementing a Security Ministry
  • Video-based, on-demand training for every member of your ministry team
  • Quiz following each training module verifying subject matter understanding.
  • Team “Training Track” allowing leaders to monitor member’s training progress.
  • Access to church security podcasts, training blogs and leadership minutes
  • Discounts on Equipment
  • Access to Incident Reviews.
  • Access to an Incident Reporting.
  • Access to frequently asked questions section.

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  1. De-escalation
  2. Identification of Suspicious People
  3. Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages
  4. Use of Force
  5. Active Shooter Response
  6. The Importance of Deterrence
  7. Handling Activists and Disruptive People
  8. Sexual Assault Prevention
  9. Securing Your Service, Children, Staff, Finances, and Your Building
  10. The Pastors Role in the Security Ministry
  11. Team Leader Training
  12. Individualized Position Training

Course Listing

Simple and Affordable Subscription Pricing Model

Implementing an effective security ministry will take time. It is a process that will require constant assessment and improvement. As new threats emerge, adjusting to meet these new threats will require additional training. As team members move in and out of the ministry, the new members will need training as well. Members who will be working in a new position or one they have not worked for several months may need a quick refresher as to what their responsibilities are… and we make that available to them.

Based on our experience, we know that your team will need hands-on assistance for several years to come. We have based our program on a subscription plan wherein pricing is adjustable depending on the number of personnel who will need access to training. There are scholarships available to assist new church plants as well as indigent churches with limited resources. Please contact us at info@hedgeminisries.org for more information.


You Will Have Access To Our Entire Training Library

Here is a list of some of the security training available to you through your subscription. We are constantly reviewing existing programs and adding new ones, so your team will benefit from a growing knowledge base and a constantly improving church security training program.

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Secure My Church Now

A practical guide for anyone interested in developing and maintaining an effective and Biblically-based security ministry. We pray that this book will guide you as you set out to protect your church family from those who would seek to harm it.

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Video Series I

The Framework Series

Our Framework Series provides your leadership with a "framework" on which they can begin the process of developing a Biblically-based church security ministry. We will teach you how to "think through" every aspect of implementing your teams.

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Video Series II

Basic Training Video Series - Church Security Training

Basic Training

This is the starting point for your team training! Our Basic Training provides video-based training for each position on your team. It includes training on protecting your children, your services, your staff, your building and your finances.

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Video Series III

Intensive Training Video Series - Church Security Training

Intensive Training

When evil comes knocking, there must be a few good men and women committed to confronting it head-on. These warriors need every tactical advantage they can get and we provide it! Active Shooter training, Use of Force Training and so much more!

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