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The Framework Video Series

The Framework Video Series - Church Security TrainingThe goal of this video series is to help you clearly understand the framework necessary to build an effective security ministry and then teach you how to think through the process of implementing that ministry based on that framework. It is an overview of the principles and the philosophies that drive our program. Our Framework Series provides your leadership with a "framework" on which they can begin the process of developing this ministry. We will teach you how to "think through" every aspect of implementing your teams.

START HERE: This is the first video series. You must pass all unit tests before proceeding to the next course.

Basic Training Video Series

Basic Training Video Series - Church Security TrainingThis is the starting point for your team training! Our Basic Training provides video-based training for each position on your team. It includes training on protecting your children, your services, your staff, your building and your finances.

COURSE PREREQUISITES : The Framework Series.

Intensive Training Video Series

Intensive Training Video Series - Church Security TrainingWhen evil comes knocking, there must be a few good men and women committed to confronting it head-on. These warriors need every tactical advantage they can get and we provide it! Active Shooter training, Use of Force Training and so much more!

COURSE PREREQUISITES : The Framework Series | Basic Training Series.

Sexual Abuse Video Series

COMING SOON: Sexual assaults on Faith-Based Properties has seen a significant uptick in recent years. Protecting our children from predators can be achieved through education, effective deterrence, and technology.

COURSE PREREQUISITES : The Framework Series | Basic Training Series | Intensive Training Series.